Le Pig Cafe Offers a Unique Cafe Experience in Archerfield Airport

Photo credit: mustdobrisbane.com

Located at Archerfield airport, Le Pig Cafe’s quirky set up offers a unique cafe experience to customers looking for good food and a quick caffeine fix before or after their flight.

Photo credit: mustdobrisbane.com

Le Pig Cafe‘s ideal location makes it a great spot for travellers as well as history buffs. Apart from being a part of the Archerfield airport, the cafe also stands right next to God’s Acre cemetery.

Photo credit: mustdobrisbane.com

The cafe’s French-inspired interior also suits its location with its feature wall showcasing posters of Paris and planes.

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Customers may also choose to have a sip of their coffee on the cafe’s outdoor shaded tables with big umbrellas and under leafy trees. The outdoor setting has a great view of the adjacent burial grounds.

Photo credit: mustdobrisbane.com

Cafe-goers can enjoy a cup of Somerset Artisan coffee which can be paired with the cafe’s banana bread, chocolate brownies, carrot cake, or caramel slice.

For hungry travellers, the cafe also serves sausage rolls, meat pies, and fresh sandwiches. They even have some Vietnamese fare such as rice paper rolls, noodle salads, and banh mi (baguettes).

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If you have time to spare, you may also visit the nearby burial grounds of  the original owners of the land, the Grennier family.

The Story Behind God’s Acre Cemetery

Photo credit: Kerry Raymond/Wikimedia Commons

In 1855, publican of South Brisbane’s Grenier’s Inn, Thomas Grenier, purchased and built on the land where Archerfield airport is currently located.

Unfortunately, in 1859, he lost his 16-year-old son Volney in a riding accident. It was said that the boy fell from his horse during a fox hunt.

Headstone for Volney Grenier, first burial in the cemetery. Photo credit: Kerry Raymond/Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Grenier and his wife then decided to bury their son on three quarters an acre of their land and called it God’s Acre.

It was subsequently used as burial grounds for members of the Grenier family. A number of local families in the district were also buried onsite.

Listed on the Brisbane heritage register, the cemetery remains to be a part of the Archerfield Airport.