Aussie Champ: The Kaos That Conquered the Canine World


Kaos, the retired police dog from Oxley, has been named a finalist in the inaugural ‘The Dog Down Under‘ campaign, a nationwide search celebrating the remarkable bond between Australians and their canine companions.

Kaos, alongside other extraordinary dogs from across the country, will feature in a five-part television series on Channel 10 starting 7th  September 2024.

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Lara Shannon, a renowned dog expert, is the campaign’s host. It aims to highlight the various roles dogs play in our lives. From everyday heroes to sporting legends, the stories are a testament to the unwavering loyalty and love these animals provide.

Kaos’ Story: A Testament to Courage and Resilience

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Photo Credit: Supplied

Kaos’ story is one of courage and resilience. During his nine years of service with the Queensland Police, he was instrumental in apprehending hundreds of offenders. However, in February 2020, he was severely injured while apprehending two dangerous individuals in North Brisbane.

Despite sustaining a deep laceration to his throat, Kaos persevered, even managing to apprehend the second offender while gravely wounded. His recovery was remarkable, and he returned to full operational duties after a few months. This incident led to the passing of a new law offering greater protection to police dogs and horses, solidifying Kaos’ legacy in Queensland.

Now retired and living with his handler, James, and his family, Kaos continues to serve the community by raising awareness about the crucial role police dogs play in maintaining safety. His story is a testament to the unwavering dedication and bravery these animals demonstrate in their service.

Queensland’s Canine Stars Shine Bright

Alongside Kaos, the “The Dog Down Under” campaign also highlights other exceptional Queensland dogs.

Phil, the 19.5-Year-Old Pirate

Photo Credit: Supplied

This spirited senior dog, a finalist in the Oldest Dog category, has defied the odds and continues to enjoy life to the fullest with his loving family in Brisbane.

Ninna, the Lifesaver 

Photo Credit: Supplied

A 14-year-old Staffy, Ninna is not just a beloved therapy dog but also a guardian angel to her owner, Alyssa. She saved Alyssa’s life during a car accident and continues to help her navigate the world despite her blindness.

Roxy, the Blind Sledder’s Guide 

Photo Credit: Supplied

This South Australian Siberian Husky is a sporting legend, guiding her legally blind owner, Lilyana, through the thrills and challenges of dog sledding. Their bond is a testament to the unwavering trust and loyalty between humans and dogs.

Bunny, the Musical Maestro

Photo Credit: Supplied

A talented Boston Terrier from New South Wales, Bunny’s musical prowess on the piano has captured hearts worldwide, proving that dogs can excel in the most unexpected ways.

The upcoming television series will showcase heartwarming stories to celebrate the incredible bond between humans and their furry friends.

Published Date 17-June-2024