Will a 4-Day School Week Work? Corinda State High Proposes Changes in Schedule

4-day school week
Photo credit: Corinda State High School/Google Maps

Did you know that Corinda State High School is considering a bold move to a 4-day school week for senior students beginning Term 1 of 2024?

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The proposal would have senior students attend classes for four days per week, with one day for independent study at home.

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The school has held three parent forums to explain the proposal and gather feedback. The four-day schedule would apply only to senior students, who would be expected to complete schoolwork at home one day per week.

4-day school week
Photo credit: Corinda State High School/Google Maps

Corinda State High School currently has school days running Monday to Friday from 8:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Students participating in extracurricular activities and sports excellence programs often arrive early or stay later, until around 4:00 p.m.

4-day school week
Photo credit: Corinda State High School/Google Maps

Proponents argue the change could provide benefits for both students and teachers. A shortened week allows more time for lesson planning and professional development for teachers. Students may also see improvements in grades, attendance, and discipline with the adjusted schedule.

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Some Queensland schools trialled shortened weeks, including The Gap State High School. Parents at The Gap reported students receiving better grades in the shortened week model. The 4-day school week provided flexibility – students could study on campus, participate in activities, or leave early.

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The Department of Education stated any changes to school hours must involve consultation with all stakeholders. Schools must still meet curriculum requirements and not disadvantage any students.

The debate highlights the complex considerations around changing traditional school schedules. Corinda State High will need to weigh both the potential academic benefits and concerns from parents if it moves forward with the bold four-day plan. The school community’s feedback will likely play a key role in determining if the proposal becomes reality in 2024.

Published 24-October-2023