Corinda State High School One of the First QLD State Schools to Ban Mobile Phones in School

Corinda State High
Photo Credit: Google Street View

Amidst all the discussion on Queensland being the only state yet to implement a blanket ban on mobile phone use in school, did you know that Corinda State High School was one of the first state schools to implement its own ban in 2019?

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Effective Term 1 2024, the Education Department has announced that mobile phones and certain wearable electronic devices like smartwatches will be banned at all Queensland state schools during school hours, including break times. 

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The move is widely seen as the State bowing to widespread pressure to implement a universal mobile phone ban in all public schools, being the last state in the country to make the move.

Principals and other school leaders across Queensland have already implemented similar bans, with over 95% of schools banning mobile phone use in class, most of those including break times. The remaining 5% are seen to restrict usage on an informal basis.

At Corinda State High School, all students must place their phones in a locked Yondr pouch when they arrive on school grounds. Based on the school’s policy, students may only be allowed to take out their phones “under the strict supervision of a teacher if they are used for educational purposes.” Laptops and tablets are not included in the ban. 

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According to Helen Jamieson, executive principal at the school, the ban was enacted after extensive consultation and planning. She cites distraction and privacy issues as the main reasons behind the decision.

Ms Jamieson and the students wearing their Yondr pouches
Photo credit: Facebook/Corinda State High School/Facebook

The pouches, which unlock when tapped on a base, are issued upon enrolment and considered part of the school uniform. Parents can contact the school office to get a message directly forwarded to their child if they need to reach them during school hours.

Corinda State High
Photo credit: Corinda State High School/Facebook

Students caught breaching the ban face escalating consequences, from increased monitoring to weekend community service for repeat offenders.

Whilst controversial, Ms Jamieson stands behind the policy and would recommend it to other schools. She argues it has reduced distraction and inappropriate phone use.

How the Yondr Pouch Works

Corinda State High
Photo credit: Yondr 

The Yondr pouch locks automatically once students enter the phone-free zone at school and  students are responsible to keep their phone with them in the pouch at all times. If a student needs to use their phone, they must step outside the phone-free area and tap the pouch on an unlocking base station to unlock it.

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The pouch, developed by California-based company Yondr, is being used at thousands of schools worldwide, including Corinda State High, to combat negative effects of phones on student engagement, social development, and mental health.

Published 14-July-2023