Spring Fruit Favourites Now Widely Available, Says Brisbane Produce Market

Brisbane Produce Market
Photo Credit: Public Domain Archive/Pixabay

The spring harvest season is in full swing with the abundance of seasonal fruit favourites in the market, according to the latest report from Brisbane Produce Market in Rocklea.

Supplies of strawberries or blueberries are now readily available, as well as creamy bananas from Innisfail for that delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie. Seedless watermelon and rockmelons from Gumlu are also slowly flooding the market. These refreshing fruits are great additions to salads, along with apples, pears, avocados, mandarins, and oranges. 

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Juicy, irresistible Kensington Pride mangoes from the Northern Territory are perfect for pairing with chicken or prawns as families spend summer afternoons on the barbie. Sweet pineapples from the Sunshine Coast are heavy in supply.

Photo Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov/Pixabay

As for vegetables, Brisbane Produce Market said that shelves are filled with supplies of cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and bok choy — all coming from farms in Gatton and the Lockyer Valley. Salad lovers will be thrilled to include celeries, iceberg lettuce, Aussie asparagus on their shopping baskets as well. 

There are also some selections of pumpkins, sweet potatoes from Bundaberg, and small-sized red washed potatoes. Zucchinis from Bowen — for salads, baking doughnuts, and frying — are plenty as well. 

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Stocks running low on supply, however, include passion fruit, raspberries, corn, and green capsicum. 

These fruits and vegetables in season may be purchased online at A Better Choice, the first national initiative helping over 500 fruit and vegetable growers across the country to help consumers eat healthily.  

Brisbane Produce Market, found on Sherwood Road in Rocklea, is Queensland’s only central fruit and vegetable market trading over 600 million kilograms of produce a year. Under Brisbane Markets Limited, this initiative provides infrastructure and services to help growers and vendors market their products.