Queensland Tops Postie Attack List as Darra Dog Attacks Surge


New data released by Australia Post has revealed a worrying trend of dog attacks on postal workers, with Queensland leading the nation and Darra identified as a hotspot.

Photo Credit: Australia Post

In the past six months, more than 1420 dog-related safety incidents have been recorded across Australia, with a staggering 466 of those occurring in Queensland. Within Brisbane, the suburbs of Bundamba, Darra, and Stafford have been identified as areas with the highest number of incidents.

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Video footage released by Australia Post on Monday showcased several incidents where postal workers were chased and bitten by dogs while carrying out their duties, highlighting the risks they face daily. According to the organisation, more than 55 posts are involved in dog-related incidents each week, a figure they are eager to reduce.

While no specific breed has been identified as more prone to aggression, Australia Post has observed a trend of smaller dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour towards postal workers.

Photo Credit: Australia Post

Rod Maule, Australia Post General Manager of Safety and Wellbeing, acknowledged the stress and anxiety that these incidents cause for posties, stating that their team members simply want to deliver for their customers without being attacked, harassed, or chased by dogs.

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Photo Credit: Australia Post

Australia Post urges dog owners to take responsibility for their pets and ensure they are secured in a safe location, such as a back garden, on a leash, or in another room when expecting deliveries. If this is not possible, they suggest using parcel lockers.

Mr Maule emphasised that posties will only deliver to an address if it is deemed unsafe and that deliveries will cease once the issue is resolved. He also confirmed that all dog-related incidents are reported to local councils to ensure appropriate action.

Published Date 26-June-2024