Queensland Police Academy in Oxley Welcomes 117 New Recruits

Queensland Police
Photo Credit: Queensland Police

The largest intake of new police recruits in nearly a decade has started their comprehensive training program at the Queensland Police Service Academy in Oxley .

Of the 164 new recruits, 117 intakes from Brisbane will be trained at the Oxley school, where they will be taught skills to develop their capabilities to become a world-class police officer. The other 47 recruits will be trained in the Townsville academy.

The training is a six-month course that will assess the recruits on their physical and mental strength, as well as first aid proficiency. 

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This year, the Queensland Police Service Academy will also conduct distance-based learning for the theory-based elements of the curriculum for the very first time.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll personally welcomed and congratulated the recruits on Monday, 4 Jan 2021, alongside Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, the Honourable Mark Ryan MP. 

Photo Credit: Queensland Police

“Today they will begin a world-class training regime to prepare them with the skills required to face a range of policing scenarios,” the commissioner said.“I know that their time at the Academy over the coming months will be exciting, challenging and ultimately very rewarding and I am extremely pleased to be here today to share this experience.”

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“The strength of our frontline services has never been more important to the safety and security of our state and I am confident that each person here today will play an important role in keeping our community safe,” Mr Ryan said. “The training each of these recruits will embark on today will equip them with skills to ensure they are well prepared to handle future challenges with professionalism and dignity.” 

Upon completion of their training, the intakes will be inducted into the  First Year Constable program where they will further learn from the job. 

More details about the Queensland Police training program is on the official site.