Parklands Sherwood Developer Seeks Approval for 193 More Units

Artist's impression of proposed new buildings to Parklands in Sherwood (Photo credit: Rothelowman)

A major residential development has been proposed for Sherwood, seeking to add up to 193 units to the evolving Parklands community.

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Submitted by architecture firm Rothelowman, the plans envision four new buildings on a two-hectare site at 26 Egmont Street, adjacent to the existing Parklands at Sherwood complex.

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The proposed development aims to make efficient use of the space by co-locating the four buildings on site whilst still providing green spaces and retail options. 

Photo credit: Rothelowman 

The dwellings themselves offer a mix of unit types, mostly one-bedroom units but also some three-bedroom options.

Specifics of the proposal include realigning internal roadways to improve site access, increasing bicycle parking to 54 spaces, enhancing communal amenities like public gathering areas, and ensuring private outdoor space for townhouse residents. 

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Photo credit: Rothelowman 

The buildings are designed to take advantage of nearby public transit whilst also providing 325 on-site car parking spots.

The development application seeks to modify prior approvals for the site by extending into unused stages and tweaking prior building envelopes and dwelling mixes. 

Photo credit: Rothelowman 

According to planners, developers have taken this opportunity to re-evaluate the masterplan and update the development’s design to align with present-day market preferences and standards. The revisions aim to produce housing that caters to current demands and expectations. 

If approved, it would represent a major extension of the Parklands complex, bringing hundreds of new modern housing options to a neighbourhood already seeing rapid growth and evolution.

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The proposal is currently under review by Brisbane City Council. Construction timelines and sales details have not yet been publicly shared by the development team.

Published 10-December-2023