Locals Raise Concerns on Proposed New Gym and Wellness Centre on Graceville Avenue

Locals Raise Concerns on Proposed New Gym and Wellness Centre on Graceville Avenue

Have you had your say on Total Fusion’s new gym and wellness centre on Graceville Avenue? The proposed development is for a 4-storey building that will contain an indoor sport and recreation, health care services and a cafe.

If approved, the development at 164 Graceville Avenue will include two levels of fitness and recreational facilities and a rooftop level which will contain an allied health and day spa. The existing Goodlife Health Clubs will be demolished to make way for the development.

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The proposal also includes a basement level and ground level car parking that will contain a total of 166 car parking spaces, and a food and drink outlet to be located on the corner of Graceville Avenue and Luke Street.

Locals Raise Concerns on Proposed New Gym and Wellness Centre on Graceville Avenue
Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au 

“The proposed development provides a unique architectural response to a flood constrained site whilst incorporating best practice design outcomes that respond to Brisbane’s subtropical climate. The design of the proposed development incorporates a predominantly 3 storey built form and limited rooftop level that is a continuation of the established building height of existing development, such as the Graceville Village located adjoining the site,” the assessment report  states.

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The proposal was lodged in March 2023 and has so far attracted more than 200 submissions. Some of the concerns raised include increased noise, traffic congestion, existing homes that would be subjected to visual impacts, and loss of character of the suburb.

“The proposed building towers over its neighbours, creating a severe invasion of privacy.  It poses an immediate threat to child safety, with a park and playground directly across the street. The BCC has already taken steps to erect additional fencing to prevent accidents, but the proposed development only compounds the danger” – Anonymous

“The proposed development exceeds the current local building height limit, the side streets are too narrow to support the additional traffic, the building is in a flood zone and the proposed basement car park will flood. Increased traffic on Graceville Ave will also be problematic – there are already frequent accidents and damage to parked cars.”- Anonymous

“…Moreover, the proposed development will cause significant pain for existing local businesses in the fitness, allied health, wellness, and hospitality industries. These businesses have already been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the introduction of a large conglomerate in the same space will only lead to further financial strain and hardship.” – Anonymous

“The area is not equipped to handle the volume of traffic that a gym of this size would generate. This could lead to obstructed views, unsafe driving conditions and significant delays for local residents. This is an unprecedented commercial scale development in our suburb, and I fear that it could negatively impact the integrity and beauty of our community.” – Anonymous

Submissions are due by 20 September. To have your say, visit the Council’s website here.

Published 5-September-2023