Relocation of Oxley Police Academy and Dog Squad Included in Billion-Dollar Annual QPS Budget

Photo Credit: QPS/Facebook

The Oxley Police Academy and Dog Squad will be relocated to the Wacol Police Precinct, one of the significant items included in the $3.281-billion operating budget of the QLD Police Service for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

The substantial police budget will support crucial initiatives aimed at combating crime and ensuring public security. Apart from the relocation of the Oxley Police Academy and Dog Squad, the Specialist Response Group will be assigned to an alternative site. 

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The decision to relocate reflects QPS’s commitment to streamlining operations and optimizing resources. By consolidating these units within the Wacol Police Precinct, the QPS aims to create a more cohesive and efficient working environment that maximizes collaboration and improves overall response capabilities.

Another primary objective of the budget is to address youth crime, with a substantial investment of $101.6 million allocated for the Youth Justice Investment Program. This funding will enhance police resources dedicated to tackling youth-related offences, forming part of the government’s comprehensive funding package of $446.4 million spread over five years.

Photo Credit: QPS

An extra $6.2 million has been allocated to expand the fleet of armoured vehicles. The budget will also finance various initiatives, including high-visibility police patrols, the establishment of a specialized rapid response squad for youth crime, Youth Co-responder Teams, additional early action groups, and proactive patrols by Police Liaison Officers.

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Recognising the significance of early intervention in combating youth crime, the government has unveiled a two-year $50-million program to construct additional Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) in priority locations.

Moreover, the government has pledged a substantial investment of $87.5 million to revitalize police recruitment strategies over the next five years, aiming to bolster the force’s numbers.

The 2023-24 police budget also includes plans for the development and enhancement of police facilities in various locations throughout Queensland. Cairns, Caloundra South, Clermont, Cooroy, Cunnamulla, Dalby, Dayboro, Hervey Bay, Kirwan, Longreach, Mackay, Maryborough, Palm Island, Proserpine, Rainbow Beach, Ripley, Rosewood, Warwick, and Winton are all slated to receive new or upgraded police facilities. Additionally, police accommodation will be established in Mount Isa and Tara.

“Our police deserve every support, and I am proud of the absolute commitment my government has to providing police with the people, resources, and infrastructure they need to support the community,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll commended the investment, highlighting the top priority of community safety for the QPS. 

“We appreciate this strong investment into assisting police tackle youth crime, strengthen our police recruitment pipeline, and ensure our police academies are world-class,” she said. “Upgraded facilities and equipment, along with boosted police personnel, will help keep communities and officers across the state safe. Providing everything our officers need to perform their duties is very important, and I’m pleased to see this significant investment in the QPS.”

Published 16-June-2023