Car Thefts Prevention: 4 Important Tips to Not Become a Target

Photo Credit: Henryk Niestrój/Pixabay

Did you know that 75 percent of car thefts happen because owners leave their vehicles unlocked? In recent weeks, residents of Corinda, Chelmer and Sherwood have had an unusual number of car thefts, which has alarmed law enforcers.

According to the Queensland Police, the risk of vehicles being singled out by opportunistic thieves is higher if the owner doesn’t secure their car. So, here are some useful tips to keep in mind to prevent becoming a target of car thefts:

1. Lock your vehicles.

Aside from the door, other points of access to the car include the window, the sunroof and the boot area. Be sure that these are locked or fully closed if you park your car in a public place. Make it a habit to check the locks and access points before you walk away from the parking area.

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2. Don’t keep valuables in your car.

Resist the urge of leaving valuable items unattended inside your car. These could easily catch the eye of would-be thieves. If you need to bring valuable items, keep it out of sight. But don’t put these in the boot in full view of other people as thieves could also break into the trunk and take your stash because they saw you storing it there. 

3. Take your keys with you.

If you’re going to be gone for just a few minutes, never leave your keys in the ignition. Turn this off and then take your keys with you. Also, never leave spare keys in your car’s glove box because thieves know where to look. The spare keys must be securely kept in your house. 

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4. Park in well-lit places.

Thieves may be deterred to target your vehicle if you park this in a well-lit area. If it’s also possible, choose a parking space that may be easily seen by passers-by. Be aware of where you park your car. If you’re wary of people loitering near the parking lot, it might be better to move your car somewhere else safer. 

Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay

Help your community become a safer place. Report suspicious activities in your area to the Queensland Police’s 24-hour online tip line