Upcoming Kerbside Collection for Sherwood and Surrounding Suburbs: the Do’s and Dont’s for Scavengers

Photo credit: www.keng.id.au

Brisbane City Council’s Kerbside Collection is coming to Sherwood and its surrounding suburbs including Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda, and Oxley on Monday, 4 June 2018.

The Kerbside Collection may be an annual event, but it still pays to check some of the good old advice on getting ready for the collection day. You can even get the Council’s free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app to help you prepare for the event.

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Scavengers are not new to Kerbside Collection since they have been “operational” for years now. As they say, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, so who wouldn’t want to get useful stuff for free?

Photo credit: CC-BY/sergejf/Flickr

For creative scavengers, some of the stuff that is thrown out the kerb can easily be repurposed or upcycled into something new. Like this old television that has been upcycled into a fish tank.

Photo credit: CC-BY/Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

Or this fridge that has been transformed into a chic dog house.

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Other scavengers also scour piles on the kerbside for copper that they can get from the discarded electronics. This is where some things get really dirty.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

In the past, residents have been complaining about scavengers who pry their discarded electronics open in search for the money-making copper which can be sold for up to $7 per kilo. Whilst there is no problem with people trying to make money out of trash, the problems start when scavengers leave the pile of discarded metal they just opened scattered all over the place.

For scavengers who are ready to go out there for their loot, here are some friendly reminders for you before you hit the kerb.

Know when to go

Check the dates for the Kerbside Collection online so you can be updated with the collection dates for your area.

Come prepared

Take a ute or a truck so you can have room for the awesome stuff you might find.

Be considerate

Even if you’re only scavenging for copper from a pile of electronics and appliances, make sure to leave the pile as tidy as you can. There might be children running around the place and anything that’s broken can pose some serious hazard for them.

Keep other scavengers in mind

You might be inclined to only take what you need and break some stuff, but there are scavengers out there who might be able to repair those stuff and actually use them.

Scavenging can be helpful to a community since it is a great way to recycle unwanted things. Just remember to be mindful of your manners as you go about scavenging and have fun, you’ll never know what surprises could be out there.