Two Different Paths, Two Exciting Destinations at Oxley Creek Common in Rocklea

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If you are in Rocklea and you’re looking for a place where you can really get close to nature whilst the birds chirp above you in different colours and aesthetics, the best place for you to go to is the Oxley Creek Common.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, the area has two easy walking trails and picnic amenities, perfect for those who really want to take some time off and just be in peace.

Discover the Secret Forest

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The area isn’t just for bird-watching, although the presence of over 180 species of birds is certainly a good reason to do so.

There is actually a secret forest, just a short way from the Red Shed along the main walking path that hugs Oxley Creek. Walk through the main walking path and you will notice more vegetation as you walk further. Consider this a good sign. Whilst there, you might just spot the Eastern Yellow Robin, the Varied Triller or the Fairy Wren here.


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As you walk along, the path will curve via the creek and loop back on itself. You will find eventually find yourself at the hoop pine grove, which is The Secret Forest.

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Here you can enjoy more peace and see the pied butcherbirds as this is where they live.

Watch Them Fly

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Another walking trail that you can go for is the Pelican Island Walk. Depart from the Red Shed also but after 1.3km, turn off to the left to Pelican Island. You will pass by Jabiru Swamp, which is where you can see the Great Egret and the rare urban dwelling Jabilu. The Pelican Lagoon is known for its biggest variety of grassland and waterbirds.