Take Your Kids Out This Winter School Holiday Around The Walter Taylor Bridge

Photo credit: Weekend Notes

Let your kids enjoy nature and the outdoors during this winter school holidays. Check out these places around the Walter Taylor Bridge where you can take them. The good news? They’re all free!

BJP Physique

Ideal for girls, let them learn a great combination of dance and sport this upcoming holidays. Let them dance to fun and upbeat pop music whilst learning new moves that combine yoga, aerobic dance, ballet, hip-hop, and many more. They have classes for little girls and adults.

You can click here to learn more about their classes.

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Address: Oxley State School, Bannerman Street, Oxley QLD 4075

LifeTime Tennis

Indulge your kids to the wonderful sport of tennis this school break. LifeTime Tennis works with several schools across the state. You can book a free trial here.

Address: Corner Erinvale St & Rolfe St, Corinda Brisbane, QLD 4075

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Walter Taylor Bridge

Take your kids with you on a walking tour through the Walter Taylor Bridge, Australia’s only inhabitable bridge. The historic suspension bridge is built by Walter Taylor.

What sets it apart from the other bridges in the country is that the two towers of the bridge house are residential accommodations. It is also one of four bridges in close proximity to each other. Simply being on the bridge whilst cars pass by below is a great experience that your kids will enjoy.

The walking tour is free but bookings are essential. You can book here.

Faulkner Park

One of the biggest parks in Brisbane, this is a great place for your kids to simply let loose and have fun. Take away those gadgets and let them play with the other children. Expose them to the beauty of nature whilst covered up in layers during the winter school holidays. You can also let the dogs tag along.

Address: 80 Waratah Ave, Graceville QLD 4075, Australia

Francis Lookout Burial

Go on an interesting walk around the cemetery and visit the Lychgate with your kids. You can also see a great view of the Brisbane skyline from here.

Address: 157 Dewar Terrace, Corinda, Brisbane

Oxley Creek Catchment Area

Let your kids see different birds at the Oxley Creek Catchment Area. Different kinds of water birds can be seen here and it is recommended that you go during the mornings.

Address: 9 Macdevitt St, Coopers Plains QLD 4108, Australia