FoodWorks Oxley Serves Last Customers After 18 Years

FoodWorks Oxley on Oxley Station Road served its last customers in southwest Brisbane after 18 years in the business and the owners, Rebecca and Chris Antonieff, received such a heartwarming send-off from the community they’ve embraced like family.

Prior to the store’s closure on 30 May 2021, Oxley locals called on each other to stock up on the essentials and make their final purchases at the family store. At the same time, the locals also said their goodbyes to the Antonieff couple in messages on the Oxley Community Facebook group.  

“That is sad news. They have worked so hard to keep afloat. They are going to be missed in the community,” one local said. 

“Devastating news for our community and for Western Suburbs State Special School. Thank you for taking our kids in for work experience and making them feel like they’re are a part of our community too. So grateful, best wishes for the future.”

“A great loss to our community. I’m really sad to see Chris, Rebecca and the team leave. Their work during the 2011 floods and the way they have looked after people will be remembered for years to come.”

The Antonieff pair were also recognised for mounting programs at their store to help people with disabilities and newborn parents. They also advocated for the environment and supported other small businesses in the suburb.

FoodWorks Oxley’s closure followed Liquorland next door, which shut down in mid-2020 due to the rising cost of the rent. No word yet on what will happen to the vacant site.