New Flood Information Online Tool Goes Live

Photo Credit: Screengrabbed from Flood Information Online Tool

Brisbane has a new flood information online tool that will help people find and verify information easier, including the history of past floodings that devastatingly impacted suburbs like Oxley, Graceville, Chelmer and Sherwood.

The new online tool aims to help Brisbane residents become more flood-resilient and better prepared for severe weather disturbances. The tool was developed after over a thousand ground surveys and hydrology or hydraulic models to generate updated maps. Inspections were also undertaken at 550 sites across 90 vital locations.  

The map has shown that flood-prone sites over the Walter Taylor Bridge were far more impacted during the 2011 flooding compared to 2022 whilst the overland flow in the northern suburbs was significantly bigger during the recent floods compared to a decade ago.

“We’ve rolled out new, interactive flood maps and updated our FloodWise Property Reports to help you better understand your flood risk and how it could impact your home and local area,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.  

“We’ve used the best tools and technology available to create user-friendly maps, which display information with clearer navigation, simpler language, and improved functionality across devices. 

We can’t stop severe weather, but we can be better prepared and the new Flood Information Online tool is available 24/7.”

To complement the online tool, Council is also encouraging residents to download the free Brisbane Severe Weather Alerts.

“More than 11,750 residents have signed up for the free alerts since the February flood event, but it remains important if you’re not registered to sign up so you can be prepared,” the mayor said. 

Meanwhile, for Oxley, Chelmer, Graceville and Sherwood residents who were affected by the February flooding, a series of community information sessions about the Resilient Homes Fund are still ongoing, per Cr Nicole Johnston of the Tennyson Ward.