Ardo’s Wine Bar Expands to Graceville

Did you know that hybrid micro-cellar and bar Ardo’s, from the City Winery team, with its carefully curated line-up of exceptional wines and pintxos-style eats, is now in Graceville?


Ardo’s has been winning hearts since its inception in Newstead in early 2023. Now, with the opening of Ardo’s Graceville, the City Winery team continues to foster and create wine-loving communities throughout Brisbane.

The Graceville site retains the unique character of its sister venue, with an Australian and minimal intervention-focused wine list that showcases local winemakers alongside City Winery’s core collection.

Ardo's Graceville
Photo Credit: Instagram/Ardoswine

The venue itself, with seating for 35 guests and a cocktail-style setup for 50, boasts an open and green-hued ambience that perfectly reflects the suburb’s vibe.

Careful attention was given to designing the space, highlighting a stunning tree that now serves as the centrepiece of the dining area.

Ardo's Gracevile
Photo Credit: Instagram/Ardoswine

Committed to championing local producers who prioritize minimal intervention practices, Ardo’s Graceville offers a premium selection of high-end drops, ensuring that there’s a perfect sip for every special occasion. 

The venue also introduces an expanded menu that includes delectable snacks like prosciutto-wrapped scallops in harissa butter, while still staying true to its original concept of pintxos-style snacks.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Ardoswine

Guests can order these snacks by the piece and pair them with their favourite wine. Additionally, provisions such as cheeses, charcuterie, and other accoutrements are available, allowing patrons to assemble their own palate-pleasing platters.

Ardo's Graceville
Photo Credit: Instagram/Ardoswine

For those eager to deepen their wine knowledge, Ardo’s offers more than just a delightful dining experience. The Ardo’s team will introduce cheese and wine as well as food and wine matching workshops at the Graceville site in addition to their well-liked Wineslam events. These classes aim to create an inclusive and down-to-earth environment for wine enthusiasts to learn and explore without any pretentiousness.

While Ardo’s Graceville has already opened its doors to eager patrons, the City Winery team has more exciting plans in the works. Talks are circulating about a third Ardo’s location currently under construction, with an anticipated opening date set for the end of the financial year.

Published 9-June-2023