Developer Seeks Amendment of Approved Retirement Facility in Corinda

Retirement Facility in Corinda
Photo credit: O'Neill Architecture

A development application has been submitted for modifications to an already approved retirement facility in Corinda.

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The submitted proposal entails making slight revisions to the design of Buildings 2 and 4 within the approved Retirement Facility. Additionally, it involves reducing the number of dwelling units and adjusting the setbacks for a proposed car park exhaust.

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The proposal aims to decrease the total Gross Floor Area for the ancillary uses of Building 2 from approximately 293 sqm to around 34 sqm. The tenancies are planned to be situated more internally within the building, accessible exclusively through the lounge and communal areas, with no direct access to the outdoor communal space.

Plans (Photo credit: O’Neill Architecture)

In 2017, the site, located at 260 Cliveden Avenue and 20 Menin Road, Corinda received an original approval for a retirement facility consisting of 264 units across five stages.

Proposed building, Level 2 plan (Photo credit: O’Neill Architecture)

The proposed amendments, designed by O’Neill Architecture, carefully maintain the visual aesthetics of the building, ensuring that there is no discernible increase in the overall size and scale of the structures.

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According to planners at RPS, the proposal aims to enhance the building facade of Building 2 by introducing additional architectural features to the north and south elevations. Furthermore, the proposal seeks to incorporate balconies on all elevations, aiming to improve the overall livability and enjoyment for future residents.

Photo credit: O’Neill Architecture

The proposal also includes a redesign of the basement carpark in Building 2 to match the new building footprint. There is a plan to alter the carpark entrance by utilising a driveway that connects through the existing car park of Building 7.

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Another amendment is being proposed for Building 4 (Stage 4) to enable optional screening for westward-facing balconies. This modification aims to enhance climate comfort for residents by providing additional protection from the sun.

Further information about the development can be viewed via Brisbane City Council’s PD Online, using the reference A006230954.

Published 12-May-2023