Sherwood State School Celebrates Fete 2017

Sherwood State School Fete 2017
Photo credit: Sherwood State School FETE/Facebook

Sherwood State School’s Fete 2017 is fast approaching, with only a few nights to go before the 13th of May. At 150 years old, the institution is without a doubt “one of the oldest schools in the state.” In celebration of this amazing milestone, attendees to the upcoming school fete will “take a trip down memory lane” and reminisce their school years.  A lot of school memorabilia will be put up on display during the event.

The proceeds from the previous fete days have notably been put to good use. The school now has a laser-leveled and top-dressed oval, new class iPads and laptops, and a new extension to the junior boys’ toilets.

The proceeds of this year’s fete will go towards the further development of school facilities. Possible upgrades on education materials will also be put into consideration.

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