Sherwood Resident Blames Mould Exposure in Rented Unit for 3-Month Induced Coma, Damaged Pancreas

Sherwood resident moulds
Photo Credit: PaulBr75/Pixabay

A Sherwood resident, who was in an induced coma for three months, has lived to tell the tale about his health issues and is warning others about the dangers of mould exposure. 

Terence Clay, 33, claimed that he had unfortunately lived in a mould-infested home for two years, frequently experiencing respiratory issues. 

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Fearing a heart attack one day, Mr Clay was taken to the hospital where doctors determined he had to undergo an emergency tracheostomy after he passed out. Three months later, he woke up from an induced coma at the hospital and learned that he suffered from necrotising pancreatitis.

Doctors told the Sherwood resident that his pancreas “melted away” because of the toxins that were discovered to be from mould in his house. 

Although his medical abstract did not directly link his necrotising pancreatitis to the mould in his unit, a Sunshine Coast doctor specialising in mould illness said there have been animal studies confirming that toxins from moulds can lead to severe health issues. 

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“There are some animal studies showing that various mycotoxins (toxins from mould species) can cause severe damage to the pancreas, as has happened in this case, but no more certain evidence showing a link between pancreatitis and mould exposure,” Dr Sandeep Gupta said. “However I would certainly not rule out the possibility.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Worksafe Queensland also underscores that mould issues may lead to fungal infection and cause systemic reactions that can be life-threatening. 

Moulds develop as a result of humidity issues brought on by poor ventilation and waterproofing in rental properties. It can re-occur especially when a leaking roof or a wall cavity remains unfixed.  

Mr Clay first raised the mould issues with his landlord in August 2021 but there were no immediate actions to resolve it other than to paint over the walls. As a result, Mr Clay has discussed going the legal route to sue his landlord for his long-term health issues.