Rocklea Showgrounds Now One of the First QLD Vaccination Hubs

Rocklea Showgrounds
Photo credit: Rocklea Showgrounds

Did you know that 14 community hubs in Brisbane, including one in Rocklea Showgrounds, are now open for youth vaccinations?

One of the first of the 14 vaccination hubs to open in Brisbane is the Rocklea Showgrounds hub, with people lining up to receive the Pfizer vaccine after the community registered their interest in May 2021. The establishment of these hubs marks Queensland’s push towards mass vaccination, which is estimated to begin later in the year once supply increases.

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Health Minister Yvette D’Ath commented that all 14 hubs are expected to be open before July, ready to offer vaccines to people under the age of 40. Because health workers initially anticipated to get five shots out of each Pfizer vaccine and discovered that they could actually get six, surplus vaccines will be used at the hubs. This means that five appointments can be made per vial, even if there were six shots. 

According to Ms D’Ath, all of the community hubs will provide Pfizer vaccines. Though Queensland is readying itself for mass vaccination, not everyone is eligible to receive their shots just yet. Those eligible for vaccination must fall under either the following priority groups:

1a priority group

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  • COVID-19 frontliners and  healthcare workers.
  • Quarantine and border workers.
  • Staff and residents at aged care communities. 
  • Disability care residents and staff. 

1b priority group

  • Anyone aged 70 or older. 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults aged 50 or older.
  • Young adults with underlying medical conditions.
  • People living with disabilities. 

The new vaccination hub can be found at the Rocklea Showgrounds at Goburra St and Ipswich Rd, Rocklea.