QPS Inala Asks As Tropical Cyclone Season Nears—”Are You Storm Ready?”

Photo credit: Get Ready Queensland/getready.qld.gov.au

The tropical cyclone season is coming and the Queensland Police Service, Inala wants to know—“Are you storm ready?”

As part of the “What’s Your ‘WHAT-IF’ Plan” of the government, The Queensland Police Service and Energex have launched the awareness campaign—“Take care, stay line aware”, to remind residents of the potential deadly situations that power outages and fallen powerlines can bring especially during severe weather.

During extreme weather conditions, electricity is most vulnerable to direct lightning strikes, high winds, heavy rain, flooding, and flying debris. Such situations can cause power outages and fallen power lines. It is never too early, therefore, to prepare and be storm-ready.

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Take care, stay line aware TVC
Video credit: EnergexLtd/YouTube

Electrical Safety Tips From Energex

If you are in a bushfire area:

  • Stay away from electrical equipment which may be threatened by fire.
  • Be mindful of overhead power lines when the smoke is dense.
  • Once the fire has passed through, be on the lookout for exposed underground cables and melted pillar boxes.

If you are in a flood-prone area:

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  • If water is coming through electrical fittings, contact your electrician.
  • If flood waters rise to the level of electrical equipment, stay well away to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • Using a boat? Look up and live. You’ll be closer to overhead power lines.
  • Think about relocating your switchboard and wiring.
  • Household appliances affected by water can be extremely dangerous. Always have it checked by an authorised electrical contractor before using it. If in doubt, throw it out.

Protect your home and family from high winds:

  • Maintain trees and shrubbery in your yard. Removing weak branches and eliminating trees that could fall on your home during a storm.
  • Secure outside items like furniture, toys and garden equipment as these could be potential missiles.

How to stay safe when lightning strikes:

  • Unplug computers, TVs (including the external aerial), stereos and other unnecessary electronic equipment to avoid damage from a power surge.
  • Avoid using the fixed telephone. If lightning strikes close by the phone system may become highly charged.
  • Stay inside or away from trees and poles. Lightning usually strikes the tallest point.

Take care, stay line aware during storms TVC
Video credit: EnergexLtd/YouTube

The Inala Police would also like to remind residents to be mindful of the following flooding hotspots during periods of heavy rain:

  • Bowhill Road
  • Durack Road
  • Paradise Road
  • Larapinta Road
  • Blunder Road, Oxley

Locals are further reminded not to drive through flooded roads as well as prepare their homes for the upcoming storm season by:

  • Cleaning the gutters out
  • Trimming any overhanging branches
  • Securing loose items in the backyard to prevent them from becoming dangerous missiles during a storm.

Lastly, any individual caught driving during a storm should slow down, turn the lights on, and seek a safe place to shelter as soon as practicable.

For more information about electrical safety visit the Energex website and report any emergency involving power lines or electric shock at 13 19 62.

If you want to know more about how you can better prepare during emergencies, visit the Get Ready Queensland webpage.