Largest Batch of QPS Recruits Now Training at Oxley Academy

Oxley Academy
Photo Credit: QPS/Facebook

Queensland Police Service is now training its largest batch of recruits ever at the Oxley Academy. These 280 individuals will form part of the QPS’s goal to add 2,025 police personnel to its roster across the state.

The new recruits are expected to graduate from Oxley Academy in early 2022. Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said that she’s pleased to see so many recruits and she looks forward to more Queenslanders joining the service in the future. 

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“Policing offers an incredibly diverse range of opportunities, whether it be general duties policing, or the wide range of specialist units we have ranging from the dog squad and water police to forensics or the stock squad,” Ms Carroll said. 

Recruiting and Constable Training Superintendent Josef Jaramazovic said that they are particularly looking for applicants driven by purpose and have a sense of direction and meaning in their chosen careers. He also said that the increase in recruits will ensure that QPS will meet the challenges and demands of police work. 

Photo Credit: QPS/Facebook

Meanwhile, the Honourable Mark Ryan MP, the Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, said the latest round of recruits is an “investment in policing unrivalled by any government this century.”

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“This is in keeping with the Queensland Government’s commitment to keep Queenslanders safe now, and well into the future. More than ever, Queenslanders have witnessed throughout the pandemic, the extraordinary commitment of police to keeping the community safe.

“Queenslanders are fortunate to have a police service that is so totally committed to serving the community.

“And what we have seen demonstrates how a career with the Queensland Police Service is synonymous with a life devoted to serving your fellow Queenslanders.” 

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