New Sherwood Development Applications

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Sherwood homeowners are taking the opportunity to develop their properties or spruce up their homes, especially now that the summer season is just around the corner. These are the recent development applications in progress or are already approved.

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Reconfiguration of Lot

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Location: 16 Woodberry Ave, Sherwood

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The proposed development is for reconfiguring a lot into three lots. The applicant originally proposed to demolish the existing dwelling house on-site but has filed proposed changes, to rearrange the approved lot layout and facilitate the retention of the house.

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The tennis court and the swimming pool will be removed whilst the dwelling house will remain in place. The reconfiguration of the existing layout avoids the demolition of the existing house on-site, which is a five-bedroom house built in 1985. The property has a land size of 3490 sqm whilst the house has a floor size of 385 sqm. 

Dwelling House Extension

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Location: 114 Plumer St, Sherwood

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The applicant has filed for development permit for an unenclosed carport extension to the existing dwelling house, which has a total area of 647 sqm. 

“As the proposal is for an unenclosed carport extension to the existing dwelling house, it is considered that the development has a high degree of flood immunity and meets the applicable performance outcome of the code,” the planning document reads.

Carry Out Building Work

Location: 11 Skew St, Sherwood

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A private building certification company has received an approval to build over or near a stormwater pipe. According to Queensland’s development code, an approval should be given first for those who are planning to work near or above pipes.

Extension of Pre-1946 Dwelling

Location: 51 Dudley St, Sherwood

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The applicant is requesting some changes to approved plans for partial demolition and extensions of a Pre-1946 dwelling house, with the minor change application seeking to change the approved material for the garage door.

Based on planning documents, the applicant requests to demolish the roof, western verandah railing and lower portions of the ground floor wall, to facilitate the proposed extensions for a verandah and double garage. 

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The site contains a pre-1946 detached Dwelling House which is understood to have been used for residential purposes since the time of its initial subdivision. The building is identified as having historic extensions that have built on the original fabric of the dwelling.