New Service Road Connections at Oxley Added To The Ipswich Motorway Upgrade

Photo credit: Fulton Hogan

The Ipswich Motorway Upgrade will have extra works, including a new extension to Boundary Road to add new service road connections across the Oxley Creek floodplains.

With the design finalised in March 2018 for the $400 million upgrade from Rocklea to Darra, the extra works were recently announced to further improve safety and reduce traffic congestion on the motorway.

“The inclusion of the Boundary Road connection will deliver even more benefits to the 85,000 motorists who use the Ipswich Motorway daily by providing a critical link to improve safety and local connectivity,” according to Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities Paul Fletcher.

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Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk sees the addition of the new service roads as a step forward in reducing congestion.

“Adding new service roads means there is an alternative for motorists and truckies other than using the motorway for that section,” the Premier said.

“As I’ve said before, this project will not only improve safety and travel times for motorists, it will support 470 direct jobs which is great news for local workers and business.”

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Stage 1 of the Rocklea to Darra Upgrade will involve the following:

  • Additional four to six lanes
  • Higher bridges over Oxley creek, including seven new bridges
  • New southern service road connection from Rocklea industrial precinct to the Oxley commercial and retail areas
  • New northern service road connection over Oxley Creek floodplain
  • New traffic signals at the Suscatand Street intersection

This major upgrade is set to be completed in late 2020.

View project details here