Sherwood Magpies Coach Selected for National She Can Coach Program

Magpies Coach Michaela Nayler Selected for National She Can Coach Program
Photo Credit: AFL

Sherwood Magpies‘ Michaela Nayler has been selected for the National She Can Coach Program, which aims to improve women’s coaching skills and develop a network of women coaches at all levels of the game.

The AFL, in partnership with BHP, recently launched the third annual Women’s Coaching Month. Both an opportunity and a celebration, it heralds the contribution of female coaches and encourages growth in the field.

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Women’s Coaching Numbers Surge

The launch of the AFLW in 2017 has led to a surge in the number of women coaches. There are now more than 2,000 women registered as coaches across the country. Women are increasingly represented as coaches in state leagues and talent programs.

Most notably, there are now nine women coaching boys and girls in the Coates Talent League, up from zero last year. 

Partnership Focuses on Inclusion, Equality

The BHP-AFL partnership promotes leadership, inclusion and equality for women. BHP sees the advancement of women in coaching as a benefit to the entire community. BHP’s connection to coaching includes the Women’s Coaching Academy, which has graduated 28 coaches since 2018.

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Alongside the National She Can Coach Program, other key programs to the growth of women’s coaching include the Women’s Coach Acceleration Program, which has co-funded nine full-time AFLW positions, and the BHP Community Coach of the Year Award.

“We have seen significant momentum generated in the women and girls coaching space in recent years with numbers growing and greater emphasis placed on attraction and retention, not just for women coaching women and girls but women coaching men and boys as well.”

Nicole Livingstone, AFL General Manager for Women’s Football

Livingstone added that the development of female coaches ensured the future success of the women’s game.  She highlighted the work that still needed to be done, but said the recent focus already built strong foundation.

“There is a lot of work to be done to continue to build women and girls coaching in Australian football but the significant progress made and sharp focus we have in this space has given us a really strong foundation.”

Nicole Livingstone

Published 05 August 2023