Locals Applaud Netball Event at Faulkner Park, but Seek Solutions to Minimise Disruptions

Faulkner park
Photo credit: Yodaman Solo/Google Maps

The recent four-day netball carnival held at Faulkner Park in Graceville has generated mixed reactions from local residents, with concerns raised about the event’s impact on the community.

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The Western Districts Netball Association (WDNA) hosted the 2024 senior age championship event at Faulkner Park, drawing a significant number of participants and officials. The event was attended by around 198 officials and involved 55 associations, including Kingaroy, which participated for the first time.

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Whilst the event was a success for the netball community, some local residents have expressed concerns about the aftermath. Residents have reportedly been battling issues such as noise, parking, and traffic congestion during the carnival.

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According to reports, local residents have previously requested that the event be hosted elsewhere or spread across multiple venues, but their calls have gone unanswered. Additionally, the overflow parking at the nearby Gordon Thomson Park was affected by constant rain, making it difficult for the council to maintain the area.

In response to the issues, the park was later closed, and organisers had to issue refunds to parking pass holders.

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It is worth noting that the 2023 junior state titles were held across multiple locations in Townsville, which some residents believe helped to minimise the impact and spread the benefits more evenly.

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However, this is not a new issue for the community. Back in 2020, a State Government grant for improved lighting at the facility in Graceville has already angered the area’s neighbours. 

The organisation stated back then that the lights would actually be an improvement and that they had worked hard to minimise the impact on the neighbours, but the residents remained upset.

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As the community continues to navigate these challenges, it remains to be seen whether the organisers and local authorities will address the concerns raised by the residents in the future.

Published 11-April-2024