Illegal Parking on Gray Avenue in Corinda Worsens

Photo credit: Google Earth

A resident in Gray Ave. in Corinda is complaining about the illegal parking that happens in front of his driveway.

Lately, residents have also seen an increase in the number of vehicle owners who illegally park on the said road, to the point that they are blocking most of the driveways of homeowners. To make matters worse, when residents ask the ones who park to move their vehicle, they get somewhat aggressive responses.

Living near the Corinda State High School also makes it worse. When there’s an event at the high school, things become even worse as congestion builds and more vehicles take up the road.

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Since the start of this year, the Brisbane City Council has gotten two formal complaints relating to illegal parking on Gray Ave. They have already issued one infringement notice. They also aim to conduct further patrols of the area following the most recent complaint.

Such patrols are focused on school zones and surrounding streets to monitor illegal parking and the high school is included in their targeted enforcement site. They also added additional patrols during Term Two.

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