Honour Ave Cellars: Tiny Graceville Wine Bar/Bottle Shop Offers Huge Selection of Obscure Wines

Honour Ave Cellars
Photo Credit: Honour Ave Cellars/Facebook

With over 150 labels on offer and 2,500 wine bottles stored in a 28-sqm space, Honour Ave Cellars in Graceville might seem tiny, but the lack of space has certainly not cramped their style as one of Brisbane’s well-stocked watering holes.

Sommelier Chris Siktars carefully planned out what he really wanted for his wine bar/bottle shop hybrid before opening the shop in October 2021. He made sure to have a good number of Eastern European wines, including those that come from his family’s vineyards in Hungary, which might be unheard of in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Some of the bottles at Honour Ave Cellars are obscure, rare vintages that won’t likely be restocked once it’s sold, which is why Chris has also set up his shop to sell wine by the glass to give wine lovers a chance to sample his unique discoveries.  

To elevate the experience, the venue also offers food to pair with the wine chosen from an uncomplicated menu that includes salumi (cured meats), varieties of cheese, handmade potato gnocchi, slow-cooked Nduja ragu, crumbed Noosa swordfish, Stracciatella and four cheese Arancini.

Customers of Honour Ave Cellars may nibble a few bites at the table set up the middle of the shop whilst a few steps away, Chris stands by the counter, pouring a glass of vino or slicing the cured meats. The store’s entrance also has seats al fresco. 

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Honour Ave Cellars
Photo Credit: Honour Ave Cellars/Facebook
Photo Credit: Honour Ave Cellars/Facebook

The chic concept of this wine bar/bottle shop hybrid, a commonplace in Europe, will make guests feel like the place is someone’s private and intimate cellar. So, if you’re looking for intimate drinking and dining place, head down to this shop in Graceville.

Follow Honours Ave Cellars on Facebook for updates. 

“A hidden gem in the burbs with a fantastic selection of fine wine, exquisite food and friendly staff who will go above and beyond. Thank you for a wonderful dining experience, I will be back.”

Ngaire Abberton

“Great food, wine and service. I can’t believe they had Turkish wine, it taste’s nice. Had an awesome time. My wife and I will be returning. Thank you.”

Tony Alkan

“Every once in a while you come across a little gem of a place that punches well above its weight, and Honour Ave Cellars is one of those.  The quality of food they produce from their little kitchen is simply outstanding.  Couple this with amazing wines and friendly, knowledgeable staff and you’re on a real winner.  I cannot recommend this place enough.  Do yourself a favour and settle in here for a sunny afternoon of bliss.”

Alan Duffield