Graceville Realtor Takes Buyers on a Chopper Ride Over their New Home

Photo Credit: Hauss Reality/Facebook

Luke Moody, a Graceville real estate agent, is a familiar sight at Archerfield Airport, where he delivers a unique settlement gift for successful property buyers. He takes them on a special flyover to their new home and the view from above is always spectacular.

Having obtained his helicopter licence in the United Kingdom at 16 years old, or before he could get a driver’s licence, Luke has been combining both his passions for flying as a former helicopter instructor and the property market, where he gets to negotiate and deal with all kinds of people. 

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The idea of taking his clients on a chopper ride has generated a positive response. Instead of a bottle of wine, beautiful flower arrangements or scented candles for their new house, the real estate agent gives buyers a unique and exciting incentive to see Brisbane from a new perspective.

The flyover usually takes 20 minutes from the Archerfield Airport and as a bonus, Luke also shows the clients Brisbane’s remarkable landmarks and the CBD. 

Meanwhile, at Hauss Realty, Luke specialises in prestige and waterfront properties as well as new developments. As someone who has been in the industry for some time, he also gives fellow real estate agents advice on preparation and styling and has an extensive contact list of buyers and industry experts. 

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The negotiator values honest advice and constantly communicates with his clients during the process of helping them obtain their dream house or investments.