Get Rare and Unusual Plants at Oxley Nursery

Photo credit: Facebook/Oxley Nursery

Oxley Nursery is one of Brisbane’s go-to places for rare plants at the best price. The expansive garden centre houses a vast selection of cacti, succulents, fruit trees, palm trees and exotic flowers. The centre also sells unique pots, terrariums and sculptures that are perfect for that zen garden.

Rare type of succulent, Crassula elegens. Photo credit: Facebook/Oxley Nursery

Aside from selling a variety of plants, Oxley Nursery is also popular as a place for hiring plants for events and exhibitions. Owners, Andy and Caitlin Roy have over 20 years of experience in the field of “Show Plants” prior to transforming their business into a retail nursery.

Heliconias Photo credit:

As avid gardeners and collectors of plants for years, the owners wanted to have plenty of rare and exotic plants to make homes and gardens stand out. Oxley Nursery’s rare plants are priced from $5 up to $1,500.

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Malay Dwarf Bamboo Photo credit:

Oxley Nursery boasts a wide range of plant options, particularly species that thrive in Brisbane’s subtropical conditions. For gardeners looking for new plants to add to their garden, the garden centre gets new stocks almost every week.

For more information, visit Oxley Nursery’s website or check out their Facebook page for updates.

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