Get to Know Your Neighbours in Oxley on Neighbour Day 2018

Photo credit: Austree Classifieds Australia Blog

On 25 March, celebrate Neighbour Day in Oxley with the Oxley Ridge Neighbourhood Watch at Weston Place Park from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

The annual Australian Neighbour Day is held every last week of March. It is managed by Relationships Australia. The event is a great way to meet your neighbours and to strengthen community spirit.

The theme for this year’s Neighbour Day is: The importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children and young people.

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Whether you’re an old or a new resident, this is the best time for you to meet your neighbours. All you have to do is say hello or you can also invite them to your home for a cup of tea.

Here in Oxley, there will be a local social gathering for the whole neighbourhood to come together. You can also get free sausage sizzle and even get your dog’s tags engraved for free!

With this event, you get to know your neighbours whilst bringing in plenty of benefits such as:

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  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Establishing new friendships
  • A boost in your sense of security
  • Getting to ask your neighbours to keep an eye out for your home, collect your mail, or even feed your pet whilst you’re away

Take this opportunity to get friendly around and reap long-lasting benefits!