Get the App for This Year’s Kerbside Collection Day in Rocklea

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Less than a month to go and the 2018 Kerbside Collection is coming around once again, this time for Rocklea, on the 5th of February.

Before you start taking out your things (and remember you can only leave your stuff by the kerb a week before the collection day!), why don’t you use the app to get you in the swing of things this year? Yes, there is an app.

The Brisbane Bin and Recycling app provides Brisbanites with important tips and information on recycling and waste disposal.

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Instead of waiting around for the notice from the Brisbane City Council regarding the collection day, the app makes it so much easier for you.

It includes a bin collection calendar, which will allow you to set reminders so they don’t forget.

An alphabetical list of materials and how to discard or recycle them is also featured in the app. Information about the council’s waste facilities is also available.

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Get the app here!

Now that you’ve got that sorted out, don’t forget the rules!

You can:

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  • Put out items less than 1.5 metres of wood products
  • Bikes and other sports equipment are acceptable
  • Discard small appliances you no longer use
  • Get rid of rugs & carpets
  • Leave by the kerb computers and televisions

You can’t:

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  • Put out garden waste
  • or car parts
  • or glass or mirror
  • or food craps, commercial or building waste & hazardous materials or gas bottles

Have a peaceful Kerbside collection, folks!