Enjoy The Panoramic Views of the District at Francis Lookout Burial Ground in Corinda

Photo credit: Queensland Government

If you want to know more about Corinda, you should definitely visit the heritage site of the Francis Lookout Burial Ground on Dewar Terrace.

The Francis family was one of the first families to settle in the suburb in 1862. They bought a 25-acre land to be used for farming and other agricultural use. Aside from the huge chunk of land, what makes it stand out is also the cemetery within that was established in 1863 following the death of their youngest son, Clement. Today, there are five graves of the Francis family that can be seen.

Other neighbouring families were also buried here, which are scattered randomly. The Francis family graves are located within a white fence.

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An eye-catching structure on the site known as Lychgate was erected by Angela Francis in 1902. A blue disc above the entrance reads a message about the Francis family and what the lych-gate is for. This was Angela Francis’ personal memorial to her beloved husband and children.