Discover Artforce Brisbane’s Traffic Signal Boxes in Rocklea

Traffic Signal Boxes
‘Rocklea Plants on Pink’ along Ipswich Road (Photo Credit: Google Street View)

Have you seen Artforce Brisbane’s traffic signal boxes in the streets of Rocklea? Each piece not only catches the eye but also offers a window into the creative minds and compelling narratives of the artists who have breathed life into them. Here’s the story behind some of the artworks.

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Rocklea Plants on Pink

“Rocklea Plants on Pink” is an artwork by artist Catherine Pepper, whose inspiration stems from the flora, fauna, and landscapes of Australia. This particular piece captures the essence of roadside cacti flourishing in Rocklea. Ms Pepper’s style is characterised by vibrant and lively paintings that aim to captivate and uplift the viewer. She has a penchant for creating large-scale works, allowing her compositions to make a powerful visual impact.

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Location: Ipswich Road & Medway Street, Rocklea

traffic signal boxes
Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane

Rocklea is ‘Carmen’ along/Oxley Common

Luca, Arlo, and Gigi Dickinson’s design encapsulates the essence of Rocklea as a suburb rich with colour, nature, and produce through various elements. Their artwork incorporates a map to provide contextual understanding, whilst a lively and playful homage to Carmen Miranda’s iconic fruit and vegetable hat adds vibrancy to the composition. Additionally, the artwork pays tribute to Oxley Common and the rural landscapes that lie just beyond the road, creating a well-rounded representation of Rocklea’s unique charm.

Location: Sherwood Road & Rocklea Markets & West Entrance, Rocklea

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traffic signal boxes
Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane


“Bliss,” created by Arielle Hankinson in collaboration with Eloise Ball and Lauren Spriggs, draws its inspiration from Arielle’s cherished memories of visiting markets with her mother on weekends, a time when their bond deepened. The artwork beautifully captures feminine iconography, evoking a sense of motherly love through the figure’s gentle posture and expression. 

The motif of strawberries is employed to symbolise the concept of fresh produce, reflecting the vibrant and abundant nature of market experiences. Through “Bliss,” Arielle aims to convey the serene and joyful emotions that she, along with many others, experiences while leisurely strolling through markets.

Location: Sherwood Rd & Martin Taylor Drive, Rocklea

Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane
Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane

Flower Love

Brisbane artist Sue Collins drew inspiration from the Rocklea Markets, (now located across the road from their current location), renowned for their assortment of fresh flowers. Sue Collins incorporated this vibrant atmosphere into their design, capturing the essence of the market.

Location: Fairfield Rd & Sherwood Rd & Ipswich Rd, Rocklea

Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane
traffic signal boxes
Photo credit: Artforce Brisbane

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Artforce Brisbane offers a unique opportunity for residents of all ages and artistic backgrounds to unleash their creativity by designing and painting artworks on traffic signal boxes.The program has already witnessed tremendous success, with over 1200 boxes adorned with unique creations by talented individuals to date.

Published 7-June-2023