Chelmer Ninja Warrior Playground Faces Setback, New Location in Sight


A highly anticipated ninja warrior playground in Chelmer has hit a snag, but local authorities have a promising alternative in the works.

Construction came to an abrupt halt in April when an unrecorded tip site was unearthed during the demolition of the old playground. While posing no health risk, the discovery prevents building on the site, as remediation costs are prohibitive.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ NicoleJohnston

This setback comes on the heels of budget cuts that removed funding for a separate remediation project at Gordon Thompson Oval, exacerbating the lack of available recreational spaces in the area.

In a bid to salvage the project, council officers are exploring the feasibility of relocating the ninja warrior course to Graceville Memorial Park, less than a kilometre away. This central location would serve both Chelmer and Graceville residents, maintaining the project’s accessibility.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ NicoleJohnston

While the old playground site will be grassed over and the swings will remain in place, the discovery has added the site to the contaminated land register.

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Despite the disappointment, the project remains on track with sufficient funding allocated for installation at Graceville Memorial Park, pending heritage approvals. This unexpected turn of events highlights the challenges of urban development and the importance of thorough site assessments, but local authorities remain committed to delivering a new recreational facility to the community.

Published Date 23-May-2024