Chelmer & Graceville Residents Discuss Burglary Cases with Police

Photo credit: Queensland Police

A series of burglaries in Chelmer has alarmed the police, leading them to urge residents to keep their doors locked at all times.


The police has confirmed Chelmer and Graceville as hotspots for property theft in recent weeks. Several residents took to social media to divulge information about the crimes.

According to police reports, most were victims of break-ins due to unlocked doors and windows.

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While a number of arrests have been made, police still insist that residents should ensure that their properties are properly locked. Items that can attract the attention of thieves should also be kept away from the windows, where they can easily be seen by prying eyes.

Sit Down With a Cop

Last weekend, the Sherwood Police invited residents invited to talk about these recent crimes. Residents also had the chance to book their free home security audits after the meeting.

The meetings were held at three different venues:

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  • 15 March – Graceville Railway Station
  • 15 March – Coffee with a Cop at Honour Espresso in Graceville
  • 17 March – Western Districts Netball Association in Faulkner Park

The Centenary Crime Prevention Unit was there to offer advice and information on home and vehicle security, personal safety and other security strategies.

They have also released a guideline to help residents secure their property here.