Cheap Fruit and Veg Draw Crowds to Oxley Greengrocer

Blunder Road Country Market Oxley
Photo Credit: Blunder Road Country Market

Locals are flocking to Blunder Road Country Market in Oxley, where fresh produce is selling for a fraction of major supermarket prices, offering relief to budget-conscious shoppers amid rising living costs.

The family-owned business, operating for two decades, has become a local sensation in recent weeks. Store manager Ravi Singh attributes their competitive pricing to bulk purchasing from nearby Brisbane Markets Ltd.

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Mr Singh explained that this approach helps them market prices lower, and it’s their way of giving back to the community who have supported them for 20 years. He added that with the current cost of living and expenses, they love to play a small part in giving back and allowing customers to buy good produce at great prices.

Bargain Bonanza

Shoppers can find astonishing deals, including:

– Hass avocados for 9 cents each

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– Kale for 79 cents

– Passionfruit for 49 cents

– 10kg bag of brown onions for $11.99

– 750g of green beans for $2.99

– Watermelon for $1.69 per kg

These prices significantly undercut major supermarkets. For instance, 10kg of brown onions at Coles would cost $36, while 500g of green beans at Woolworths is priced at $3.90.

Community Impact

One resident splits her shopping between Blunder Road and larger supermarkets. She expressed appreciation for having the choice of markets offering good, cheap, quality produce. She also noted that her friend in Ascot pays nearly double, having no choice but to shop at Woolworths or Coles due to a lack of independent stores.

Another Oxley local highlighted both the affordability and quality of the produce. She was initially drawn in by the market’s coriander, which she found cheaper and longer-lasting than supermarket varieties. She recounted an instance where she filled a Woolworths grocery bag for only $25, which surprised her.

As inquiries into the supermarket duopoly continue, Blunder Road Country Market in Oxley offers Brisbane residents an alternative option for affordable groceries amid rising living costs.

Published 9-July-2024