Caffe Primavera: An Institution in Corinda

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera / Facebook

An icon in Corinda, Caffe Primavera continues to thrive, serving good dishes seven days a week.

Established in 1999 by owners Bruno and Chayleigh Orlanda, the cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an al fresco setting. Their cuisines are a cross between Mediterranean and modern Australian cuisine. The secret to their success? Their love for the local area.

Bruno worked in Bardon for a few years managing a restaurant but he moved back to Corinda because he just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful area and the locals.

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The cafe is very open and airy, with rattan seats and white tables that perfectly complement the al fresco dining experience.

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

For breakfast, don’t skip on their delicious Eggs Ben for that breakfast fix that will power you up throughout the whole day.

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

When lunch rolls around, they have big and juicy Wagyu burgers for you.

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Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

However, if you’re looking for something light, do try their Bruschetta with zucchini, buffalo mozarella, mint and lemon.

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

Have Salt-&-Pepper Squid for dinner, if you want something on the healthier side.

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the slow-cooked lamb shank with lentils, mushroom, carrot, red wine, and creamy polenta is a good choice.

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera

Try their Segafredo as well, if you want something sweet. It’s an ancient Italian hot chocolate that is so thick and creamy!

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee paired with some delicious baked treats here at the cafe.

At night, it is also the perfect place to grab a couple of drinks like beers and wine.

Your furry friends are welcome here as well, so you can bring them along!

Photo credit: Caffe Primavera