Bushcare Group Calls For Proper Shelter Shed At Cliveden Avenue Park In Oxley

Photo credit: Oxley Creek Catchment Association

Volunteer groups are calling on the Brisbane City Council to replace the shelter at the Cliveden Avenue Park in Oxley. The groups are the ones maintaining local parks and waterways. However, most of the time, they are left under the rain whilst doing their work at the park.

The park used to have a shelter until it burned down. The council hasn’t replaced it and there is only a new picnic table at the site. Now, the volunteers are demanding for a new shelter that they could use when doing work at the park.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk responded that the groups would have to make do with a portable shelter provided by the council. The council thinks that the portable shelter is more fitting since the area isn’t frequently used.

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Oxley Creek Catchment Association said that it is not only them who go to the area. There are also many groups from the church, the community, as well as schools who go there and would benefit from a proper shelter.

Tennyson councillor Cr Nicole Johnston launched a petition addressed to the council to replace the shelter shed urgently to provide volunteers and other people shade and shelter. Ms Johnston also said that the bush care group deserves this as they are working hard to maintain and enhance the local environment on behalf of the council.

Cr Steve Griffiths (Moorooka Ward) also supports the need for a proper shelter shed at the park.

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Read Cr Johnson’s petition.