Brisbane’s 20th Community Composting Hub Opens in Graceville

Graceville Community Center opened last Sunday, 17th February 2019, as Brisbane’s 20th Community Composting Hub.

Brisbane City Council has been working hard to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Reducing waste to landfill prolongs the life of our landfill site, decreases the cost of waste disposal, and contributes to a cleaner, greener city.

In order to reduce waste, the Council has resorted to setting up waste and recycling facilities.

Photo credit: Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay

Food Waste Reduction

But food waste being a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins, the Council started the community composting hub initiative in October 2016. The program encourages residents living near community composting hubs to regularly contribute their kitchen scraps to the community garden compost bin.

In just over two years, the Council saw an unbelievable effort from communities to minimise food wastage as more than 4,100 participants and volunteers signed up to be involved at the community composting hub nearest their homes. Brisbane saved an equivalent of about 1000 wheelie bins full of scraps from landfill, which means that more than 245,000 litres of organic waste has been composted since that time.

Graceville Community Composting Hub
Photo credit: Graceville Community Garden/Facebook

Graceville’s Community Composting Hub

The Graceville Community Garden was officially established in May 2010. It operates as a shared space, aiming to strengthen communities and grow food.

Last 17th February 2019, it officially joined Brisbane’s growing community composting network. The composting hub is run by volunteers with the support of the Council.

Anyone can get involved by bringing their kitchen scraps to GCG. Composting scraps significantly cut down the amount of trash sent to landfill since the compost can be used as fertilizer in the community garden.

Photo credit: Graceville Community Garden/Facebook

With the addition of Graceville Community Garden to the community composting network, we can expect more residents to embrace the scheme to compost kitchen scraps and green waste.

Let us all support GCG and do our part in keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable.

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