Gas Espresso Adds ‘Hip’ To Sherwood’s Cafe Scene

If you are looking for the best coffee place in Sherwood, stop by at Gas Espresso located at the junction of Sherwood and Oxley Roads to fill up your leisure tank with something hip and trendy.

The cafe is hard-to-miss. Its astro-turfed facade and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will make you stop and stay awhile.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

Recycled timber furniture makes for functional counters and tables inside with a dash of yellow and browns, making the cafe interestingly industrial.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

Although coffee is a specialty in the cafe, they also offer delicious breakfast and lunch. They are dedicated to delivering delicious gourmet food.

Breakfast is always a treat. Try their Eggs Benedict served with either ham, bacon, salmon or mushroom. Their spiced savoury mince, poached egg and avo will delight your palate as well.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

For lunch, try their Nasi Goreng Indonesian style fried rice with chicken.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

When it comes to their coffee, they roast their own coffee in-house. So, it’s going to be a great experience.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

They also have delicious desserts available daily, if you’re looking for something to pair with your coffee.

Photo credit: Gas Espresso / Facebook

Address: 7/637 Sherwood Rd.

Sherwood Arboretum Undergoes Upgrades

The Sherwood Arboretum will undergo upgrades this month particularly at the area along the Brisbane River.

Funds amounting to $95,000 have been set aside for the upgrades that includes repairs to the riverside boardwalk and bridge. Some of the works include:

  • Decking board replacement
  • Timber balustrades reprinting
  • Handrails reprinting

The decommissioned maintenance-only bridge will be removed whilst trees will be pruned for easier access to the bridge and boardwalk.

Locals are warned of temporary closures within the area this month due to the upgrades. The good news is that it won’t be too long before residents can enjoy the arboretum once again.

The area is perfect for gatherings or for solitary walks as it is surrounded by trees. There are gazebos where one can sit and just take in the peace and quiet. There are also kids’ playgrounds in the area.