Brisbane and QLD Communities Raise $1.78M at Women’s Day Fun Run

The 2024 International Women’s Day Fun Run was a resounding success, with a tidal wave of support sweeping across Brisbane and numerous regional communities in Queensland. This remarkable event rallied thousands of participants, united in their mission to combat breast cancer, raising an astonishing $1.78 million for the cause.

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The streets of Brisbane’s CBD were awash with a “Sea of Pink” on March 10 as runners, walkers, and supporters donned pink outfits and accessories for the inspiring 5km and 10km events. 

Thousands more joined in at 14 “virtual” fun run locations from Bowen to the Sunshine Coast organised by Mater Foundation.

Photo credit: Mater QLD/Instagram 

Among the pink-clad masses were two incredibly inspiring women – Anna Finlayson and Anna Holland – both breast cancer survivors who embodied the event’s message of resilience, hope, and celebrating life.

Chelmer mother-of-two Ms Finlayson rallied her community from The Outdoor Club Graceville after receiving a shocking breast cancer diagnosis last year. Despite undergoing three surgeries including a mastectomy, her courage spurred them all to join the fun run.

Ms Holland, a teacher from Jamboree Heights State School, beamed with joy as she celebrated an incredible milestone – five years of being cancer-free after battling stage two HER2-positive breast cancer. 

Photo credit: Mater QLD/Instagram 

Her presence at this year’s Fun Run was a powerful testament to resilience in the face of adversity. Despite enduring a double mastectomy, gruelling rounds of chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, Ms Holland emerged as a true warrior, her spirit unbroken.

The record-smashing number of participants this year resulted in the event selling out within 25 days, despite organisers increasing the capacity by 3,000 spots to meet overwhelming demand.

Mater Foundation’s Chief Executive Andrew Thomas proclaimed this year’s International Women’s Day Fun Run as the largest in the event’s 33-year history. 

Photo credit: Mater QLD/Instagram 

“Queenslanders have supported this year’s fun run like never before – and we cannot thank them enough,” he said.

“Our supporters created a pink street party that stretched from South Bank to the Botanic Gardens – and beyond.

“It’s been a day of laughter and great memories – and a few tears too.

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The $1.78 million raised through the fun run will bolster Mater’s efforts against breast cancer through funding critical medical research, procuring cutting-edge equipment, and offering more personalised patient services.

Published 14-March-2024