Veteran Officers Start New Tenure as First Year Constables at QPS

Eleven seasoned international and interstate police officers have commenced their tenure with the Queensland Police Service as the state’s newest First Year Constables. Their induction follows the successful completion of the Police Abridged Competency Education program, a rigorous 17-week training initiative held at the prestigious QPS Oxley Academy. 

This initiative caters specifically to applicants with frontline policing experience outside of the QPS within the past five years. Hailing from policing jurisdictions across the globe, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Victoria, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory, these officers contribute their experiences to the QPS. 

Their collective expertise in frontline policing, coupled with relevant studies in law, investigation, and public safety, promises to enhance the effectiveness of the Service.

Training Ground at Oxley Academy

The Police Abridged Competency Education (PACE) program in Oxley offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills training. Geared towards augmenting the existing policing background of participants, it equips them with the necessary tools and expertise required for effective law enforcement.

To facilitate their transition into serving the Queensland community, successful graduates of the PACE program are offered a generous relocation incentive of $20,000. This financial aid helps with easing the officers’ integration into their new roles within the QPS.

Warm Welcome 

Police Minister Mark Ryan extends a warm welcome to the 11 new officers, emphasising the value of their extensive policing experience in enriching the Service. He underscores the importance of investing in individuals and their skills to uphold the QPS’s commitment to community safety. Aspiring officers are encouraged to explore the diverse career pathways within the QPS and make a positive impact in their communities.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Kelly also extends heartfelt congratulations to the 11 new First Year Constables embarking on their policing careers with the QPS. He acknowledges the wealth of experience, core values, and skills they bring from their diverse policing backgrounds across Australia and overseas.

The newly inducted officers have been deployed to various regions across Queensland, ready to fulfil their commitment to ensuring community safety. From Mackay Northern Beaches to Cairns, Townsville to Brisbane City, they are strategically stationed to address diverse policing needs across the state.

A career within the Queensland Police Service offers a multitude of opportunities to make a meaningful difference. From protecting communities and responding to emergencies to investigating crimes and providing support, the possibilities are endless. Aspiring officers are urged to seize the opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey in law enforcement by visiting

Published 15-Feb-2024