Heritage Truck Association Classic Truck Show Returns to Rocklea Showgrounds

Heritage Truck Association Australia has announced that it will be holding its annual classic truck show in May 2023, on the weekend of the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show at the Rocklea Showgrounds.

Once again, classic trucks will be part of this year’s Brisbane Truck Show as HTAA’s annual classic truck event returns to Rocklea Showgrounds on 20 – 21 May 2023. The showgrounds are located 15 minutes from the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), where the Brisbane Truck Show will be held.

In 2021, the committee decided to cancel the event due to COVID. However, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity gave a number of HTAA members to secure a prominent location on the ground floor of the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show and be among the exhibitors at the event.

Heritage Truck Association Classic Truck Show Returns to Rocklea Showgrounds
Photo credit:  Heritage Truck Association Australia / heritagetruckassociation.com.au

The exhibition turned out to be among the most popular presentations at the event as members displayed 12 classics: 

  • a 1946 Ford Jailbar ‘Roxanne’ painstakingly restored by show partner NTI;
  • a 1948 Chevrolet Loadmaster;
  • a 1954 International AR110;
  • a 1962 Mack H673 ST;
  • a 1970 International Loadstar;
  • a 1971 Mercedes Benz 1418 LS;
  • a 1972 AEC Marshal;
  • a 1973 Kenworth W924;
  • a 1975 Bedford KMR/XT5;
  • a 1975 International D1310;
  •  a 1978 International 3070B; and
  • a 1986 Kenworth W925 SAR.

HTAA’s Michelle Wilkie said that the amount of interest from other exhibitors and the public in their heritage truck gave another dimension to the show. 

Heritage Truck Association Classic Truck Show Returns to Rocklea Showgrounds
Photo credit: Heritage Truck Association Australia / heritagetruckassociation.com.au

It was wonderful to see, she said, but it was daunting at first being a first-time exhibitor, but everything went smoothly.

The association, Wilkie adds, is hoping to once again see the showground at capacity and filled with all different makes and models of trucks, tractors, cars, utes and machines. 

“These historic trucks are a piece of our history and if not restored, we will lose those pieces of history,” she says.

“There is a passion to keep the past alive for the men and women who started the transport industry, along with those wonderful hard-working old trucks that worked on not-so-good roads. Many travelled extraordinary distances on highways throughout Australia.

“Some of these vehicles have been lovingly restored to their original glory and create a spectacular display. There is a pride and passion by all members in their vehicles.”

The event is held on the third weekend in May each year at the Rocklea Showgrounds. The last show in 2019 had more than 200 trucks on display with the showground at full capacity with about 1,500 attendees each day.

Published 15-March-2023