Brookfield State School and Christ the King Catholic Primary School in Graceville Join AST Program

Two primary schools in Graceville have signed up to the Council’s Active School Travel program for the first time in 2019 to promote active and healthy habits to students.

Through the program, students will be encouraged to walk, cycle, scooter or catch public transport to class this year, which will in turn help reduce congestion.

Brookfield State School and Christ the King Catholic Primary School are among the Westside primary schools that are joining the program, along with Sherwood State School.

As participants of the program, Brookfield State School and Christ the King Primary School will receive access to a range of exciting and valuable resources, including:

  • a dedicated Council expert who will work closely with your school’s AST committee and provide specialist advice on the best ways to increase active travel
  • an AST passport for every student, plus rewards and incentives
  • customised active travel maps with identified active travel routes
  • assembly performances
  • bike skills training
  • scooter skills training
  • RACQ Streets Ahead road safety sessions
  • bus orientation sessions at school
  • survey templates and materials for your weekly active travel days
  • collated statistics to showcase your school’s achievements
  • interclass and interschool competitions
  • curriculum links for teachers to use in the classroom.

Brookfield State School dedicates Fridays for the AST program. Each child receives a passport and gets a stamp once a week on Friday when they actively travel to school.

Brookfield State School students holding their AST passports (Photo credit: Brookfield State School/Facebook)

Meanwhile, parents of Christ the King School are encouraged the sign the petition for a much needed pedestrian crossing in Appel St Graceville.

Councillor Nicole Johnston, the principal petitioner, calls on Brisbane City Council to install a zebra crossing and build outs near the intersection of Appel St and Verney Rd E to provide a safe crossing point to Graceville Rail Station.

About the Active School Travel Program

The Active School Travel (AST) is a dynamic three-year program designed by the Brisbane City Council to improve the health and wellbeing of students and make local streets safer and less congested. It is the biggest and longest-running program of its kind in Queensland.

Active Transport chairman, Councillor Adrian Schrinner highlighted the program’s success over the past 15 years, with more than 150 schools taking part in the Council’s efforts to encourage healthy habits among students.

“Walking has been the most popular form of active transport, with a 16 per cent increase in kids pulling on their kicks every morning to travel to school,’’ Cr Schrinner said.

For more information about the AST program, visit the Brisbane City Council’s website.