Boppin’ Babies Arrives in Chelmer

The success of Boppin’ Babies continues to spread across Brisbane and has now reached Chelmer.

Designed by Registered and Music Therapist and internationally recognised researcher, Vicky Abad, Boppin’ Babies provides music-based early learning programs that enhance the development of babies and toddlers.

It all started with just a group of ten mums with their children in 2007. It came as a surprise when it became successful. Back then, there were no music programs being utilised as a developmental tool for toddlers, hence it got picked up on right away.

Today, they offer weekly music groups for children and parents at various Brisbane locations, childcare in the whole of Australia, pre-prep and kindergarten music groups, music groups for children’s birthday parties, music lessons, and music therapy.

Chelmer parents are very thrilled with the arrival of Boppin’ Babies. You can request a trial session to get a feel of how things work. Term 1 in Chelmer will begin at January 22, 2018.

Address: 26 Glenwood St.