Archerfield-Based Company Pioneering Hydrogen Power Banks for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Archerfield-based clean energy company Endua is currently developing modular hydrogen power banks, which are seen as a groundbreaking solution to combat the energy challenges faced during periods of low sun, wind, and tide generation. 

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The company, founded by Paul Sernia, a trailblazer from Brisbane’s electric car charging firm Tritium, has successfully created the hydrogen power banks with support from CSIRO, Ampol, a fossil fuel company, and the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

Endua’s cutting-edge innovation comes at a crucial time in our pursuit of clean energy and power stability. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, the intermittency of sources like solar and wind poses a challenge. 

hydrogen power banks
Photo credit: Endua/LinkedIn

However, the hydrogen power bank developed by Endua offers a viable solution by storing renewable energy as hydrogen, converting it back into electricity when needed. Their solutions are designed to provide emissions-free and dependable electricity whenever needed, similar to a diesel generator but without the environmental impact.

Mr Sernia emphasised the significance of their power banks, particularly in regional and remote communities where the reliability of the grid can be compromised. The introduction of these power banks marks a significant step towards achieving a clean energy transition whilst ensuring stable power supply in such areas.

Impressively, Endua’s hydrogen power banks boast an impressive storage capacity of 100kWh. This remarkable capability allows them to power a wide range of applications, including farm sheds, multiple households, standalone telecommunications infrastructure, and critical warning signs and lights on roads, mines, and railways.

The startup has received support from the Queensland Government, with a $24 million investment through the Enterprise Acceleration Fund, managed by QIC.

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The Enterprise Acceleration Fund invests in innovative, early-stage Queensland companies, supporting increased access to investment capital and jobs growth.

Published 21-June-2023