Game Over Adventure Centre: A New Thrill Beckons in Oxley

Oxley residents are in for an electrifying addition to their local scene as the Game Over Adventure Centre eyes expansion into the area.

Taking its cue from the wildly popular Game Over at Helensvale, this proposed venture promises a diverse array of exhilarating experiences tailored for both kids and adults seeking adventure.

Photo Credit: Game Over Gold Coast

Plans have been submitted to the Brisbane City Council for the transformation of the former Amart furniture store on Ipswich Rd.

Game Over Gold Coast Mini Golf
Photo Credit: Game Over Gold Coast

ATP Design Studio leads the charge in revamping this space, intending to bring to life an 800-sqm arcade, a sprawling 3,000-sqm go-kart track, an 800-sqm soft play area, and a 400-sqm mini-golf space. Additionally, provisions for children’s parties and events are included in the proposed blueprint.

Game Over Gold Coast Pingpong Arcade
Photo Credit: Game Over Gold Coast

Despite the extensive overhaul, the proposal assures minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. The centre aims to maintain the same number of parking spaces – 199 shared spaces – while introducing a new vehicle access point.

Operating hours are slated from 8 am, seven days a week, making Game Over a potential go-to destination for families and corporate events alike.

However, neighbouring entities, including Oxley State School and nearby businesses, are closely monitoring the proposed development. While excitement brews for the potential arrival of this groundbreaking entertainment hub, concerns have surfaced regarding a separate proposal nearby on Blunder Rd.

Plans for showrooms and two drive-through restaurants, operating 24/7, have faced setbacks due to regulatory non-compliance, notably in flood risk assessment for the proposed carpark level. Council officers have urged reconsideration or a public notification process for the neighbouring project, citing substantial deviations from regulatory norms. This delay adds an air of uncertainty to the concurrent expansion plans within the area.

The potential arrival of Game Over Adventure Centre in Oxley has ignited anticipation within the community. As decisions hang in the balance over the evolving entertainment landscape, residents await the prospect of embracing an exciting new chapter in leisure and adventure right within their neighbourhood.

Published 2-December-2023