AntiWave Supplies Yeronga Memorial Park With New Pool Equipment

Yeronga Memorial Park has received new aquatics equipment in the form of a state-of-the-art net and an innovative pool lane perfect for training.

World cups and tournaments such as FINA World Cup events and the South East Asian Games competitions all make use of the aquatics equipment supplier AntiWave’s tried-and-tested nets. The Commonwealth Games deploys their equipment during water polo matches, as does the Yeronga Park Memorial Swimming pool in Ipswich Road, which is home to the FINA-compliant, AntiWave Global Anti Goal (GAG). 

AntiWave’s new Global Anti Goal, which can be found in the Yeronga Memorial Park Swimming Pool
Photo credit: Youtube/AntiWave

On top of the GAG, Yeronga Park Memorial houses one of AntiWave’s recent innovations — the Ultimate Swimming Lane, which features a high-floating and extremely durable lane rope fashioned from high density structural foam. This protective piece of equipment has a soft-touch finish that makes it suitable for training and general aquatics lane division and use. 

AntiWave pool lane
Photo credit: AntiWave

A Brief History of AntiWave

Starting this year, AntiWave, founded by Anti Kajlich, celebrates 50 years of distributing equipment to pools in over 150 countries, including ones in Australia, with sturdy water polo nets and other high-grade pool equipment. 

Anti Kajlich, who was once a professional Water polo goalie and now reigns as the current 2017 FINA Masters 70+ Goalie, first founded the aquatic equipment company AntiWave in 1971. The company’s equipment first came into the limelight when they were used for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, on top of the 1st World Aquatics Championship in Cali, Colombia in 1975. 

To this day, Anti continues to play water polo well into his 70’s in the FINA Masters Competitions. His son, Anton Kajlich, works as AntiWave’s General Manager. Like his father, Anton also plays water polo, taking on the position of goalie. Together, father and son have worked to maintain AntiWave’s status as a world-leading and innovative aquatic equipment designer and supplier.